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this site has horrible customer service i recievved 3 pairs of shoes, i paid 230 dollars for first of all they were not even the shoes i ordered ,totally different pairs on top of that they were dust and sticky and dirty.i asked them could i send them back and have different pair they refused and said no refunds ..but i didnt order these shoes you *** *** mother ***.these people working at this site are *** that are just out to rip people off.i cant even get my money back for some shoes i didnt order and dont even should be against the law to allow these idiots to rip people off like this all i got to say is if you want to buy from these people go ahead but i warned you.

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i might be *** but i think its funny people calling it "cheap china" stuff.ain't real j's made in china too, as well as everything else?

these fake shoes look from afar like the real ones but they aren't nearly as comfortable.

they use cheaper material.

if you want to look cool from afar and have hurting feet just to look good then these shoes are good for you.if you want comfort and brag about having legit **** then pony up and pay 2-4x for some real J's


ordered gucci jordans but they sent all grey fake jordans in replace of them and sent me similar pair or shoes for the other two i bought but them werent what i ordered either.. plus the waas fake as *** if you are a real jordan fan and actually know about jordans youll be able to tell in a sec theyre fake as *** un even made poorly you may get lucky and get a fake pair of the ones you bought better believe if they dont have them in stock you will get a ugly fake replacement it wayy more worth it to pay for real j's in person at a real store its only like 25 dollars more than what these retards charge rip off


Let my shoes be f***** up,on everything I will make it my buisness to shut this site down...won't be tha 1st


:grin :grin :grin i got some nice yeezys from !!!


fake *** kicks don't buy anything!! Half of the *** on their site are not even real jordan colors


I wanna order frm this site for my bf fr xmas.Is it legit..

what's up?

Who got shoes from here && they were the right ones.Plz let me kno thx =))


are the jordens 100% real like they look in that photos Ilove jordens and I see some fly ones I want got get but Im not sure


reallly you must be the owner from the site just trying to make it seem like the site is legit.all you china *** sell bogus items to people.i got gucci shoes and 2 other pairs and got shoes that were nothing like what i go ahead and waiste your money with these people if you want dont say you was warned


i got my shoes just fine- which ones did you order?

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